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Thread: Trailers for Movies You Want to See

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    excited to see the new Spike Lee getting good reviews

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    Mini-series instead of a movie, but still compelling, especially since it premieres six weeks before the election.

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    You had me at "thumbnail".

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    Santa sugar t!ts?

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    I disagree with you
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    lol i love the concept

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    This is out today on Hulu and is getting 98% on RT

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    Sam "Ace" Rothstein
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    Eddie and Arsenio have barely aged

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    So we recently got a free Red Box rental and even though it has been very difficult to find movies at Red Box lately, we stumbled into a really fun movie. i highly recommend for something new-ish.

    Love and Monsters


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    A film made by two teenage brothers from Rocky Mount during the pandemic got picked up by Amazon Prime and debuts March 26.

    Thomas Parrish, 16, and his brother Zach, 13, just finished working on a film they shot over the pandemic as an after-school project. It's about trying to live through COVID-19, a concept that resonates with many.
    The brothers have entered the film, titled 75 West, into a couple of film festivals and said they got good feedback in return. The idea behind the movie has the boys navigating a post-pandemic world on their own as they explore a new reality where only 5% of the population remains.
    Tom and Zach have to walk, run, climb, pack heat and commandeer a pickup to get across a deserted North Carolina. They're trying to reach a certain location - 75 West.

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