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Thread: Trump and the Environment

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeForestRanger View Post
    Funded by taxpayers, just to be clear.

    Oh, and it was also doing oppo research on EPA employees.

    According to the arrangement with Definers, the news clippings service would at a minimum have included real-time monitoring of a set list of publications that included the Tulsa and Oklahoma City papers, as well as conservative outlets like the Daily Caller, Breitbart Media, the conservative blog Hot Air, the Trump-friendly Independent Journal Review, and the website PJ Media. It also included the NTK Network, a conservative website that runs un-bylined content and shares overlapping staff and offices with Definers Corp. and America Rising. Pruittís EPA has been particularly responsive to the press coverage from these kinds of outlets. The agency has amplified any positive Pruitt coverage from the EPA accounts and has granted exclusive interviews to Breitbart and radio host Hugh Hewitt (whose son works in the EPAís public affairs office).
    The EPA Administrator is obsessed with his coverage in shitty right-wing blogs.

    The recently released records also indicate the EPAís special interest in how Pruitt is portrayed in Oklahoma. Pruitt has been seen as a possible contender to succeed Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe, who is up for re-election in 2020.
    Again, taxpayers were paying for Pruitt's 2020 Senate campaign prep.

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    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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    i wonder how many tickets to Trump's next Mar-A-Logo event they had to buy? maybe straight cash

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    Didnít Republican mock Obama for saving the oceans?

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