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Thread: Banned: bobknightfan (self perma/bet)

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    Banned: bobknightfan (self perma/bet)

    OGBoards loses a long time poster, but not a long time Wake fan today, as per bet conditions accepted here:

    It's a tough day for the MFF contingent, losing someone who was constantly rooting for his alma mater to fail in so many different ways. May he find happiness on some other forum re-posting the same drivel over and over and over again.

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    Wait, what if Wake goes 6-7 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiffTannen View Post
    Wait, what if Wake goes 6-7 ?
    I actually thought about this potential loophole as well, but evidence says it doesn't really matter/it's not an outcome we have to consider.

    The opening post by Townie on this bet:
    I would raise the stakes if BKF would accept. Same bet, if Wake wins 5 games or fewer, I'll take a perma-ban. If Wake wins 6+ he's perma-banned.
    Based on this initial post by Townie that BFK accepted (and rephrased differently, but didn't attempt to point out that specific modification), 6-7 would still = bye bye Bob. A fair reading of things still indicates it was a regular season only type deal based on:
    6-month board ban says we don't go better than 2-7 in the last nine games. 6-6 or better and I'm gone for six months. 5-7 or worse and you're gone for six months.
    Since the initial bet proposed by BFK specified the last 9 games, which at the time = the 9 regular season games remaining on the schedule.

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    thread title is wrong

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    now it's right

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    what happened to the jhmd banned thread?

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