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Thread: No text to edit when attempting to edit a post

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    This is still happening. But, intermittent. And I don't have a pattern as to when it does and does not happen.

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    I'm bumping this because it is still happening.

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    Bumping again. Can this be fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiffTannen View Post
    Will the mods do anything ? Nah !!!1
    When is the Mod re-election?

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    The no text bug had been gone for a while, but as of today it is back! Two different posts.


    Post #209 on the "Assistant coaches" thread I can't edit.

    Yet I can edit this post, same computer, same session etc. just strange.
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    I'm having this issue with the first post on the new Basketball recruiting thread. If I can't edit that post it kind of defeats the purpose of making the new thread.

    It's not a big deal right now, but it prevents me from keeping it update by removing recruits that have either cut us from their list or committed elsewhere.

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