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    ATP: Virginia Beach

    Taking the family to Va Beach area for a week in late summer/early fall. We have not spent much time in that part of the state and appreciate recs re: family-friendly places to stay and stuff to do with a six-year old and eight-year old. Looking at Sandbridge area but doesn't look all that kid-friendly. Hoping to find something a little off the beaten path but not too far from the center of the action so we can still eat out, etc.

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    Used to enjoy Rudee's Restaurant

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I guess "Ask the Pit" ain't what it used to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inspectah View Post
    Thanks for the suggestion. I guess "Ask the Pit" ain't what it used to be.
    Sorry I can't be more help. I haven't been to VA beach in 25 years.

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    The aquarium would be great for a six year old. Obviously, the boardwalk at the beach is a good place to tool around in and people watch.

    Waterman's is a pretty classic tourist spot, but definitely family friendly and on the beach. The orange slushes for adults are a great drink. Repeal is a good spot for burgers. Tad's is a good spot of deli style sandwiches.

    Mt. Trashmore, while hilarious in name, is also a good spot to take kids. Skatepark to see, couple playgrounds, and picnic areas. Maybe a splash pad there now, too?

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    Go to the Cavalier and the Cavalier Beach Club. Was just there a couple of months ago and it is apparently the hot spot in Virginia Beach these days (since last year's renovation).

    Probably a scene more for the adults, but that's all I know about Virginia Beach. Have never taken the kids... I just go there for work every now and then.

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    My parents did a tour while the renovations were ongoing and came away very impressed.

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    rarely go down there but here are a few things for children.

    you could google for other activities. Sandbridge is kind of out in the sticks.
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    Steve Lepore
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    I go to Sandbridge every winter for my computer baseball league draft. It is seriously out in the sticks, especially if you are looking to take the kids to places near civilization. No real quick way to get to the main beach area from Sandbridge, but if you are looking for quiet, just stay at the beach house kind of stay, Sandbridge would work.

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