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Thread: VPN and Watching football

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    VPN and Watching football

    Ola, I know we have some people who have lived abroad before, and since football season is closing in, I wanted to see if anyone has any advice on watching the Deacs and the NFL while abroad. I have a VPN hooked up, but ESPN and Amazon Prime both seem to know its a VPN and wont allow me use their services while abroad.

    I know I can purchase some version of NFL Gamepass or Redzone, but don't know if I should use the VPN for that or if its better to be international.

    No idea about how to watch some good ACC football from the comforts of my home, so any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Muito Obrigado,

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    Can't you just stream off Reddit?

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    You can buy an ESPN streaming subscription that is relatively cheap (maybe $100 a year?). That should cover Wake anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarcaDeac View Post
    Can't you just stream off Reddit?
    this. just google "reddit [sport] live streams" on the day you want to watch something and you will find everything you need.

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