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Thread: ACC Preseason Poll; first team selection, ect.

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    So who's everyone's bandwagon team? I want to pick a school from the Pac 12, but I'm not staying up late to watch those games. Maybe some random Big East school like Providence deserves my attention.

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    Board fave Mike White may have finally put all the pieces together to have Florida's next final 4 team.

    Another Board fave Nate Oats could make Bama factor in his first year.

    This could be the year that Penn State has the results which match its lofty analytic evaluation.

    Board rival (kind of) Illinois, led by former WF target Ayo, returns a lot from a team that could reach its first NCAA tourney in 7 years.

    Former Big East heavyweights G'town and Seton Hall should be strong this season.

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    We're gonna tank this season to get a high draft pick.

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    Scott "Rufio" Feather morrison2951's Avatar
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    DFL. Currie, you paying attention?!

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    If we combined both the men's and women's votes, could we sneak in to 14th?

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