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Thread: Time for Currie to Clawson up.....

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    Time for Currie to Clawson up.....

    and do the right thing and fire Danny now. Just abysmal performance against an abysmal BC team. Clawson is one that doesn't settle for less than excellence and did the right thing and fired Sawvel midseason last year for the first time ever in WF history (at least that I ever remember) and dramatically turned around a horrible D to lead to a 3rd straight bowl.

    It is clear Danny is clueless with no vision nor a system to implement vs. Clawson who came in with a vision and plan and you could see it unfold over first 2-3 years and continues to have excellence results. Especially in comparison to typical WF FB history. Right now we are at the lowest point of WF Bball history compared to WF BBall history in particular since the Odom years. Even an improvement in results would be horrible compared to previous coaches outside of [ ] and game 1 of this season shows it is more the same. So abundantly clear Danny isn't getting us out of the hole.

    It is only fair to Clawson as well as every other athletic coach that is held to a standard of excellence and who are producing very competitive teams by and large. I can't imagine what is going through their minds and how big of contract is due those who have actually had success.

    Fire him now as it can't get worse and let Chill play interim and we start a coaching search ASAP! Every game is now on Currie's record whether he likes it or not. He gets paid to make the hard difficult decisions and quite honestly this isn't even hard.

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    If reports are correct, there are still about $17 million worth of difficult.

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