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Thread: Charlotte FC / MLS Playoffs Thread

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    Orlando's keeper picks up a second yellow in penalties for leaving the line early on what would have been the game winning save. No subs left so they have to use a field player in goal on the retake. Two rounds later he makes the save and everyone celebrates the win. Unfortunately they still needed to score their own penalty first, but everyone has lost count. 5 minutes later they clear the pitch and Orlando finally actually wins. MLS!

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    Haven't sat down and watched a full game yet, but these MLS playoffs have been fun. The ending to SKC and SJ was bananas. Rooting for Philly to win it all.

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    Yeah it's been a fun play-in/first round so far. My Revs are playing well with all three DPs finally suited up, but losing Tajon Buchanan to injury and Buttner to COVID is going to hurt if neither can play tonight. 6th time playing Philly this year. Brutal.

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    Nashville has missed 3 or 4 easy finishes. Think Toronto grabs a late one against the run of play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuskyDeac View Post
    Nashville has missed 3 or 4 easy finishes. Think Toronto grabs a late one against the run of play.
    Flipped it on for OT and my god is Michael Bradley slow. Itís sad to watch. Add the traffic cone dressed up as Omar Gonzalez and Nashville were bound to take the lead on the counter.

    Also 2-0 NE in the first half at Philly. Woah. The MLS Madness is back.

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    pretty sweet second goal and huge save early for Minnesota last night in their win over 1 seed SKC

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    Minnesota survived the first 20 minutes where SKC was all over them but after that it was all Minnesota. Reynoso and Molino are a handful together.

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    that near post save may have won Minnesota the game

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    Reynoso! Seattle should have received a straight red, but Minnesota makes the most of it.

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    Morris absolutely drills the post and a minute later Minnesota takes a 2 goal lead. Reynoso with 7 assists and a goal in 3 playoff matches. Looks like a Columbus - Minnesota final.

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    Ha, guess you can't count Seattle out. Will Bruin is like 40 years old in my mind.

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    Wow, credit to Seattle but what a collapse by Minnesota.

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    Damn what a comeback. Freaking Seattle man.

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    FYI, pricing is starting to come out as people select their seats. Looks like fan section (first come first serve) is about $500 a ticket. Premium seating requires a $550 seat license with seats either $1620 or $2250 for these. Premium ticket pricing includes a preloaded food and beverage credit and snacks.

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    wow, seems kinda steep

    for those that preordered season tix for the inaugural season for the return to Soldier Field they priced all seats at $25/game, so I got club level season tix for $425 (deferred to 2021), no seats rights down payment or anything

    obviously the prices will go up on me, but even if you're getting in the game now, the club level seats are $1,275 and all other packages are $680 or less

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    The pricing above doesn't include General Seating. Premium seating would be club level at a Panthers game, while Supporters section is behind one of the goals. I think all other lower bowl seating will be General which I would guess comes out around $1000-$1200.

    Depending on demand, there could be more seating open that begins to go higher in the stands that may see cheaper prices, but all very speculative right now.

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    still a good bit more than Chicago

    but soccer is way behind all the other professional sports in popularity up here, plus two baseball teams that overlap heavily with the MLS season

    Atlanta United did a good job of filling their stadium with cheap tickets and really grabbed local interest early -- hoping the Fire move to downtown can do something similar, but signs are not pointing to yes

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    Charlotte FC season ticket prices came out today and it is ridiculously expensive and requires a PSL, which no other MLS team does. Which is shit considering the the stadium is already built and it will be one of the worst game day experiences in MLS. Half filled NFL stadiums (probably going to 1/8 filled with these prices) are lame soccer venues, even when at 100% soccer capacity.

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