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    Can someone explain the mafia game and how it works to a noob.

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    The Game of Mafia is one in which the players are divided into teams (or factions) and must decide as a group who to lynch from the group until only one team remains. Typically, the teams are a relatively small Mafia group, and the much larger Town group. At its heart, Mafia is a game pitting an uninformed majority against an informed minority.

    Basic Gameplay
    The Moderator of the game begins by secretly assigning roles to players, these will be received via PM. The moderator then invites the Mafia to a group PM (chatzy) to secretly reveal who they are to each other. This is Pregame set-up.

    The game and day phase begins when the Moderator announces players that they may start. Generally this will come with a nice little flavor text based on the theme. The players as a group vote a player out via a majority vote. Players are not allowed to conclusively prove their role by quoting what role the moderator gave them, but beyond that, almost anything goes as players argue, accuse, plead, protest, beg, and flail in hopes of getting the vote to go toward someone they think is scum/mafia (or if they ARE scum, not themselves!). A player who is chosen by majority vote to be lynched is ceremoniously removed from the game as the moderator reveals to everyone what their role is. Players who are removed from the game may no longer take part.

    At this time, all the players go inactive as the Night phase begins. Most players can do nothing but wait while the Mafia secretly chooses a player they wish to murder during the Night. There may also be Town players who have Night actions as indicated by their role. Night ends and the target chosen by the mafia is revealed to town, and Day phase begins anew.

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    I stole that from another site but it's a good synopsis. It's fun, there is a learning curve. We welcome new people

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    It's for dorks.

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    Biff has babydik

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    Quote Originally Posted by Screamindemon3 View Post
    Biff has babydik
    must be because I haven't heard or seen the word dorks for a while

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    More than you ever wanted to know about mafia.

    mafia wiki

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    We were playing Mafia when Skip died. That ruined the game for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFU71 View Post
    We were playing Mafia when Skip died. That ruined the game for me.
    Same reason I gave up sniffing glue.
    Football. Bloody Hell.

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