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Thread: Wake Golf 2021-22

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisL68 View Post
    Iur #1 playing terrible is really hurting us but if we can keep it to just a minimal amount of over par for this last nine we should not be in too bad shape.
    Seems the wheels on the bus are falling off. Better wake up quickly or going to be over soon. 14 shots behind 8th place…..

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    Tough show from the ladies.

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    Tough round to come back from here. Congrats to them for making Nationals, but this has to be a disappointment.

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    A bunch haven’t even teed off yet. Let’s see where we stand at the end of the day before we wave the white flag.

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    We have to make top 15 by tomorrow, right? Could happen.

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    2nd worse round of day so far and doesn’t look like others that started this am are anywhere close to that bad. Everyone is going to have to step up tomorrow and have the round of their lives…

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    I mean, they will probably be four or five off making the cut tomorrow, which is certainly feasible. They are currently 14 shots outside match play, though, which is a much steeper hill to climb. Not impossible, but improbable.

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    I think the top 15 after tomorrow is very doable but match play is likely a long shot. Who would believe Rachel still hasn’t had a counting score. We don’t play Greyhawk or other courses in the Southwest well, same thing happened last year at Greyhawk. Next year should be our best chance for a title since Kupcho w Emilia back

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    We are 2 shots off the top 15 cut. That’s very doable. Getting to the top 8 will be a much taller task.

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    Well, get into top 15 tomorrow, or some better, and have another day to get to top 8 the next. Think positive.

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    We’re top 15 just by virtue of others starting before us. We need a strong day to maintain that obviously.

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    Shoot even par or just one or two over

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisL68 View Post
    Shoot even par or just one or two over
    Only five rounds that good the entire tournament so far, so yeah, that would certainly do it. Anything in the +5 or better range gives them a chance tomorrow, with the way most teams have been falling off.

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    Off to a good start.

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    On the wrong side of the cut line now.

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    Gonna be close.

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    Probably need Baylor to choke a bit. Their fifth golfer is toast, so if anyone else tightens up at the end, we might still sneak in.

    Edit: Ooof. Now tied with South Carolina at 16 (and we are both finished). Baylor is only one stroke ahead of us with nine total holes (among the four players that matter) remaining. I'm feeling a playoff with South Carolina unless Baylor finishes strong.
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    It looks like the best we can do is, if Baylor slips, we tie for the 15th spot for a playoff opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
    It looks like the best we can do is, if Baylor slips, we tie for the 15th spot for a playoff opportunity.
    Nvm, showed us in, then went back to 1 shot out

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    Is it top 15 and ties continue or is there a playoff…ranked #4 and fighting to make the cut, Greyhawk has never been kind to us

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