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Thread: chat thread 2021: RIP Paul Mooney

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuiceCrewAllStar View Post
    if one of your posts was going to be worthy of an NFT sale, which post do you think it would be?

    for cookout, it would be the rj ban announcement

    boogity it would be he saving of the goth
    It was on the old board but I asked Rulz if he would be ok with his son dating a girl of another race, and he responded something along the lines that he’s taught his son that bluebirds don’t fly with Redbirds or something like that. Got him permabanned.

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    I disagree with you
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    not my post but i'd like to sell the NFT for converting the goth chick

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    Vibez for bmoney and townie

    Also getting a lotta vibez with tour dates being announced left and right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImTheCaptain View Post
    not my post but i'd like to sell the NFT for converting the goth chick
    what's your paypal
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    PM a mod to cement your internet status forever
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacDiggler View Post
    my son got my wife a cameo of Akbar Gbajamiamilla (no clue if spelled anywhere close to right) telling her that she needs to go on - AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR.
    I guy I went to school with got Lavar Ball for his 12 year old. “Your dad told me you’re a BIG BALLER.”

    By the way, he’s gotten the last laugh. Lonzo is legit and LaMelo should be ROY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmoneydeac View Post
    what up chat thread. talk of dead and company got me thinking. so not a lot of peeps on here know but right before covid last year my wife and i separated. and it sucked really bad. and then covid hit and then i lost one of my best friends to cancer. and then the dead & company concert i had tickets for got canceled right as i was going through the worst of it all. so now when they announced their new tour and the first stop is raleigh and i'm going to take this girl who i'm seeing who is awesome and i'm vaccinated af now and things are just kinda awesome for me now. vibes.
    I think divorce has a bad rep. It's perceived as something negative, which it is on the short term, but ultimately divorce can had a major positive impact on people's happiness once the legal and emotional turmoil is over. (Divorce with kids in the picture is more problematic though.) I am glad things are on the incline for you.
    Birds are real.

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    Oh shoot, Isbell is playing the App football stadium in July. Might have to finally get back to Boone for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungBuck95 View Post
    People near me at the beach are feeding the seagulls and I am confused. Why would you ever want to be bombarded by those things? Gotta be one of the worst birds, right birdman?
    Yeah, easily top 5 worst birds.
    Birds are real.

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    Putting my official registry for birthday videos online now:

    Joer Mormont - $50
    Shooter McGavin - $220
    Chris Hansen - $75
    Bret 'The Hitman' Hart - $150
    Montell Jordan - $100
    TJ Lavin - $200
    Lavar Ball - $133
    Kurt Angle - $100
    The guy from pawnstars - $99
    John C Mcginley - $450
    The Most Interesting Man - $250
    John O'Hurley - $199
    Tia Carrere - $75
    Ivan Lendl - $150
    Billy Dee Williams - $300
    Don Johnson - $500
    Freddie Prinze Jr. -$150
    Wayne Knight - $330
    Georges St Pierre - $500
    James Van Der Beek - I don't want, your birthday - $300
    Eric Roberts - $90
    John Daly - $750
    Alfonso Ribeiro - $250
    Misca Barton - $150
    David Hasselhoff - $499
    Mr Wonderful - $1,500
    Dean Norris - $300
    The Situation - $300
    John Starks - $103
    Terry O'Quinn - $200
    Anthony Scaramucci - $55 (Seems like the best deal of the bunch!)
    The guy who played the Night King - $100
    Nick Lachey - $250
    Jaleel White - $169
    Jeremy Piven - $400
    Steve Wozniak - $500
    Kelly Rutherford - $100
    Tito Ortiz - $175
    Coach Steve Spurrier - $229
    Matthew Lawrence - $150
    Joshua Malina - $189
    Billy Zane - $350
    Lindsay Lohan - $375
    Sisqo - $100
    David Duval - $200
    Ice T - $450
    Snooki - $300
    Annie Wersching - $50
    Phil Hellmuth Jr - $200
    Jon Taffer - $195
    Ric Flair - $500
    Big Papi - $750
    Ashley & Jared - $75
    Johnny Bananas - $150
    Jamie Lynn Sigler - $150
    Brian Austin Green - $400
    Chuck Liddell - $190
    Ian Ziering - $200
    Chris Tucker - $1,000
    Adam Corolla - $99

    and last but certainly not least

    Jonathan Frakes - $300

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    red-winged blackbirds are a bottom-five bird

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    Edited to say, I have no interest in Big Papi, especially at that price, so please don't get that one for me. thanks,

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuiceCrewAllStar View Post
    red-winged blackbirds are a bottom-five bird
    Birds are real.

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    nope, i'm right

    those fuckers have attacked me many times while minding my own damn business

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    getting attacked many times by birds wat
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuiceCrewAllStar View Post
    nope, i'm right

    those fuckers have attacked me many times while minding my own damn business
    You were near it's nest and it was protecting it's babies.

    They have a wildly cool song.
    Birds are real.

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    we have so many robins here and they are v cool and i like them

    i have had morning doves land on my home office windowsill and coo a few times while looking at me
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    "near it's nest" means like 20 feet away so nah

    it's not like I was climbing a tree or something

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    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    TJ Lavin would def be pretty sick Palma

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRS View Post
    TJ Lavin would def be pretty sick Palma
    This ends your time as a 39 year old, you gave it your all, and we hope to see you in your forties.

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