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Thread: Perma ban: RJKarl

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    TOB still has traffic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacDiggler View Post
    TOB still has traffic?
    Its all wake sports but yeah les is really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreamyGoodness View Post
    We've hit 1/4 of the milestone to reinstate RJ with full posting rights. 100 pages of non spam conversation and RJ gets his freedom back.
    Request denied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercurydime View Post
    Yeah, that's wack...and I'm not going to wade any deeper into that grammatical morass.

    I see Latin tattoos from time to time, and I'm like, I'd a-been glad to consult with you before you committed there.
    Suckers. My tattoo says uva uvam vivendo varia fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyRogersRoast View Post
    Suckers. My tattoo says uva uvam vivendo varia fit.
    Oh man, I just read that novel a few months ago. Thought the sign plot was pretty great

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    i love that book. one of my all time favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImTheCaptain View Post
    do people really misuse apart and a part?
    Iím not sure if I mistyped or it spellchecked. I saw it as I was hitting send. Didnít think it was worth correcting or that it would result in multiple responses.

    Irregardless, some feel the need to tear other posters a part.
    Letís get this done!

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    That's just you're too sense
    DV7 was RIGHT
    - wakephan09

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    it is fitting that this ended in a conversation about misspellings

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    I just realized today that RJ was gone, and came here to see if I could figure out why. That was a doozy.

    I don't think he deserved to be banned, but I'm glad he is because it's better for the boards and probably better for him. I also really don't understand the passion he inspires on either side.

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    I don't know if he remembers it, but I briefly met him IRL years ago. A genuinely nice guy that seemed fun to be around.

    I haven't always agreed with him here, but he had an undeniable passion for all things WF, and thought he was a huge part of some great insights here.

    I'm sad to see him go, and I hope that one day in the future the mods will be kind enough to let him come back on. I've been following these boards in some fashion or another for roughly 20 years. It is not the same here without him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDeac View Post
    I've had rjkarl on ignore for well over 10 years over three different iterations of these board. I "scrolled on by." I stopped engaging him. But he still dominated every thread by making everything about him. You can put him on ignore but you can't just ignore him. The boards are better when he's not around. This is a nice little community to take Wake sports and other stuff. Why ruin it by keeping him around?
    Just realized RJ was gone because he wasn't polluting every thread with petty arguments. Ph nailed it here.

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    The Israel apartheid thread would be unreadable if he was still posting

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