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  1. Are political threads allowed?
  2. Why Do You Lie?
  3. The Catholic Church is a Criminal Enterprise
  4. Trump/Bachmann ticket?
  5. Will unions turn elections in OH, MI, WI, IN, MO, PA?
  6. Libya !!!
  7. Iowans want to make the election about social issues
  8. Publio Transit
  9. Hillary busting up Boehner on MTP
  10. Shock and awe
  11. MTA Puts Unemployed to Work for Benefits
  12. If you opt out of union dues
  13. Economic Recovery
  14. Is capitalism destined to collapse on itself?
  15. Will Kanter pull a coup on Boehner?
  16. Ohio bill to eliminate binding arbitration
  17. Unions
  18. NC House passes Time Warner backed "Level Playing Field" Bill
  19. Drug Court of Glynn County, Georgia
  20. Proposed budget cuts
  21. If we HAD to have a King.....
  22. Newt the Douche
  23. How Wachovia laundered billions of Mexico drug money.
  24. With George W.
  25. Lew Oliver- Typical GOP insane rant
  26. Trials for KSM, etc at Gitmo
  27. GE's tax situation
  28. Gun Law
  29. Santorum blames Social Security problems on..... abortions
  30. "Path to Prosperity"
  31. RJ you'll like this map
  32. Beck leaving Fox News
  33. If the conservatives are serious about saving the government money...
  34. Reid shows balls
  35. Does Planned Parenthood Pay For Abortions?
  37. Michelle Obama Thread
  38. There is a New Sheriff in Town
  39. Obama or Pelosi should call Ryan's bluff
  40. The Civil War: ‘A conspiracy of amnesia’
  41. What is the Dem plan to make our entitlement programs sustainable?
  42. Do States have the right to secede?
  43. Another PC Hoax
  44. Crystal Gail Mangum Killed Someone.
  45. So It Seems That Our President Is A Little Catty
  46. Interesting take by Peggy Noonan
  47. White House launches Taxpayer Receipt
  48. Will Tea Party run candidate for President if Romney wins?
  49. Look at this chart
  50. Interesting analysis
  51. CBO - Ryan Plan will cost seniors $6000+/year
  52. S&P To Reevaluate the US's AAA Rating
  53. UK Oil Meeting Minutes Released
  54. There IS some sense left in Arizona!
  55. April 19, 1995
  56. Have you ever marched or protested for your political beliefs?
  57. Something I was for that now I'm against
  58. Tea Party opposes cuts to Medicare
  59. Gotta Love Those Big-Hearted Liberals
  60. Brooks: Trump and the Realm of Upper Blowhardia
  61. Should Members of congress pay "jock tax" to DC?
  62. 45% of Republicans are birthers
  63. Enisgn resigns
  64. Atlas Shrugged
  65. The epitoome of governmental stupidity
  66. Would you accept a tax raise...
  67. Congress infographic: actual vs. exactly representative
  68. Franklin Graham Questions Hussein's Christianity & Birth Certificate
  69. Will Dems make Ryan into the Pelosi of 2012?
  70. Haley Barbour decides not to run
  71. "Liberals want to kill babies" - Pat Robertson
  72. TRump is flatout lying about his investigators!
  73. A New National Strategic Narrative
  74. The naked truth
  75. Obama's Birth Certificate Made Public
  76. SC Poll: Hussein a Socialist
  77. Panetta to become Sec. of Defense- Petreaus ot CIA
  78. Birth Certificate Is An Obvious Forgery
  79. B. Hussein Obama's Social Security# Scam
  80. No black man coudl have eaened leading Harvard Law Review
  81. Why the economy was slow in Q1
  82. Superman renouncing American citizenship
  83. How many American Presidents were born
  84. Gadaffi's son Seif killed by NATO air strike
  85. Leftists Bigots
  86. Obama Birth Video Released
  87. Seth Meyers on Donald Trump
  88. President to announce Bin Laden is Dead
  89. It feels real good to be an American today
  90. The high cost of low teacher salaries
  91. Will this show that Pakistan isn't helping enough?
  92. Why Bin Laden's ghost is smiling
  93. So has anyone changed their thinking on Gitmo
  94. New Bin Laden tape to be relased?
  95. So...how bad are the pics if they won't show them?
  96. Was Bin Laden killing legal?
  97. Is Gadhafi Next?
  98. Hussein's Birth Certificate Clearly a Forgery, Redux
  99. People Unhappy With Bin Laden "News"
  100. Fox/Napolotiano ultimate douchebags
  101. NC House gives tentative approval to NC Budget
  102. Maybe Vegas should host the Al qa'isda nominating convention
  103. Obama says White House won't release Osama bin Laden photos
  104. Obama too smart for you people
  105. When will Seals take out George Bush?
  106. Ross Perot sure had this right
  107. Apparently 3 of the 4 Men Killed Were Unarmed
  108. How's That Obama Recovery Feeling?
  109. Have some fun and google
  110. Special Ops and PED's
  111. RULZ banned from the other board?
  112. Herman Cain
  113. Did OBL raid stop plan to attack our railroads?
  114. Ayman Al-Zawahiri...COME ON DOWN!
  115. Muslim imams kicked off flight because other passengers were uncomfortable
  116. This just in from London-istan:
  117. Pakistan's "Warning"
  118. ObamaInterview on 60 Minutes
  119. Muslim WFU Law Student Writes...
  120. NegRep Pussy be a pseudo-Man
  121. Workers in many states thank FL Gov for their new jobs
  122. 5 Years for.........
  123. Ahnold and Maria splitting
  124. USPS - Still a money pit
  125. Bin Laden's Son May Sue Us
  126. Gingrich making it official
  127. Mitch Daniels ends presidential dreams
  128. Catholic faculty question Boehner’s record on poor
  129. Koch Brothers determine part of F$U faculty
  130. John Boehner Just Got Worked
  131. McCain on use of torture
  132. Herb Kohl to retire
  133. Hahaha!
  134. HS girl challenges Bachmann to debate about Constitution
  135. What Happens When the Federal Gov't Gets Involved in Housing...
  136. IMF leader charged in NYC with secual assault
  137. Trump not running
  138. Mr. Gingrich, please preach to us some more about financial responsibility
  139. $20 million dollar iPhone app for SF
  140. So the Pub strategy is to hold the nation and economy hostage?
  141. Media Policy on Releasing Names in Assault Cases
  142. What most embarasses you about your own political party?
  143. Santorum knows more than McCain about torture
  144. Obama's Middle East speech
  145. Lithgow Reading Newt's Press Release
  146. Judgement Day- May 21,, 2011
  147. Daniels not running
  148. Culture of Dependence Much?
  149. Natural rights
  150. Who is the foremost figure in Human Rights?
  151. Collins, Brown, Paul to vote against Ryan budget plan
  152. Chrysler pays back $6B in government bailouts
  153. Casey Anthony Trial
  154. Michael Steele joins MSNBC as commentator
  155. Dem win NY House race
  156. Misuse of bureaucracy
  157. HUGE NEWS!
  158. Tucson shooter sent to mental hospital
  159. Bill Clinton to Paul Ryan on Medicare Election: ‘Give me a Call’
  160. What happens when corporate money stops regulators
  161. Intolerance in San Fransisco??????
  162. Nightmare Scenario!
  163. Wired: There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says
  164. Ed Schultz screws up
  165. Obama's Pants are Too Long
  166. Palin is a distraction to Rolling Thunder
  167. Cantor wants cuts or NO aide to Joplin victims
  168. TX Gov Perry thinknig about running for POTUS
  169. DCCC Chariman Steve Israel is a dope
  170. Judge Rules Corporate Donations Ban Unconsitutional
  171. I'm Officially An Indepedent
  172. Germany to close all nuclear power plants by 2022
  173. Cyber war = real war
  175. Is Drudge trying to start a race war?
  176. 38,000 new jobs in May
  177. Drug Screening Required for Welfare
  178. Chris Christie takes state helicopter to son's baseball game
  179. TV execs admit pushing liberal agenda
  180. Rand Paul-go to radical speech -get sent to jail
  181. World leaders say war on drugs ineffective; White House disagrees
  182. Palin's Media Whore Bus Tour
  183. Other shoe about to drop
  184. NC Budget
  185. The Official Weiner Conspiracy Thread
  186. Bad week for sweater wearers
  187. Good Lord - Hilda Solis on CNBC
  188. Nice knowing you Johnny
  189. Progressive Caucus Budget
  191. Barack Obama is...
  192. The scam that is the debt ceiling as an issue
  193. Rick Santorum = President??? lol
  194. What if US went to war with China?
  195. Let there be airplanes
  196. CBS News: Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression
  197. "wow, a jewish girl who sucks cock!"
  198. The official "JHMD2000 is a Genius" thread
  199. Ayn Rand and Christianity
  200. Debt is over $500K Per Family
  201. Pawlenty: Deep Tax Cuts and a ‘Google Test’
  202. Insectro (LECTRO), once again, is FULL OF SHIT
  203. Billboards =free speech?
  204. Having Perdue as our Governor...
  205. Greece: Too Big To Fail?
  206. Off the Table!!!
  207. Delta charging GIs for baggage coming home from war
  208. Mitt Romney job creator-NOT & On Rush's shit list
  209. MS vote can lead to banning some birth control pills
  210. Giuliani Set to Run in 2012
  211. The Economist on Healthcare
  212. Bombing Yemen
  213. Weiner's Poll
  214. Gingrich done already?
  215. Would Americans get better healthcare results IF
  216. "Change has Come to N.C."
  217. Robert Gates tells NATO like it is
  218. Federal Government against local private enterprise
  219. Found Anything Yet, RJ...Shoo?
  220. It's all about profits
  221. New AL immigration law
  222. NC House Speaker Tillis gives huge raises to his staff amid layoffs
  223. Rorabacher- Iraq should pay back US for costs of war
  224. Favorite Sunday morning talk show?
  225. Military Spending
  226. Where Did All the QE2 $$$ Go?
  227. Debate
  228. Why did I think Herman Cain was different?
  229. Votes that pushed us into the red
  230. Obama will lose in a Landslide
  231. Pakistan, an Addendum to the Military Spending Thread
  232. Have bean counters and MBAs harmed American business?
  233. New Thought: Pakistan = America's Middle Class
  234. Name that Tune
  235. best political ad ever?
  236. Howard Stern's Benjy Bronk turns Weiner presser into circus.
  237. We can all agree this is over the top...right?
  238. NC cuts funding to Planned Parenthood
  239. Obama Overruled Top Advisers on Libya
  240. Liberal Disenchantment with Obama is Real RJ
  241. Obama Can't Count on Large Hispanic Vote...
  242. David Stockman -abolish capital gains tax
  243. Bachmann approaches zenith of stupidity
  244. Global warming no big deal, since land masses apparently float
  245. So what's happening in Egypt right now?
  246. Another Clarence Thomas ethics problem
  247. Jim Bunning - Funny Commercial
  248. Obama’s novel definition of ‘hostilities’
  249. Huntsman Announcement
  250. The best bond investor of all time's stance on US economy